Use the BEST Whammy Bar in the World ( sound clip )

Traditional whammies are stiff & wreck bent chords. The new computer-designed ChordBender whammy has fixed those issues. Guitar Player Magazine enthuses: "It could be a serious game-changer", "Pretty mind-blowing", & "Chords melt into each other." See the Shopping Guide (lower left here) and more!

  • Get PERFECT 1/2-step bends
  • Bend from A Minor to G Major
  • Fully adjustable arm makes bending MUCH easier
  • Use our patented Lock for fast and easy re-tuning
  • Unlike many other whammies,
    ChordBender STAYS IN TUNE!
  • Buy our complete guitar, or have our Whammy installed on your similar guitar

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What do people say about ChordBender?

"If you want to take the whammy to a different level and use it as a musical instrument, then this has it's rightful place among the arsenal of tools that the modern guitarist has today."
Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush -

"I went to the site and listened to some of the compositions. The effects are quite dramatic."
Antion Meredith (AKA Vic Briggs) of The Animals

"I like the sound of that tremolo unit."
Top Topham of The Yardbirds (Lead guitarist before Clapton)


"I love your chordbender it is great! I put a link to your site on my links page! Everybody I have showed loves your whammy!!!"
Mike Onesko - Blindside Blues Band, Onesko-Bogert-Ceo Project

"The ChordBender really IS a revolutionary piece of engineering."
Alan Greene - recorded with Humble Pie, Michael Stanley, and Donnie Iris

"I still have no desire to get any other electric guitar. Except maybe a second guitar with a ChordBender on it. I also get better sustain out of bent vibrato with chordbender. I think the act of scraping the string back and forth across the fret is detrimental."
Alex - (pro with a day job)

"I went to guitar center to try some amps out. The guys there were astounded by the ChordBender. Cool reactions."

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